Ubisoft E3 Press Conference in Brief

Games publisher Ubisoft delivered a handful of teasers and gameplay footage at their press conference. Getting the blandest game out of the way first, Just Dance 4 opened the floor before Ubisoft launched into some really awesome stuff that included Far Cry 3, Rayman Legends, Assassins Creed III and an exciting new IP…

  • Far Cry 3 got a proper showing with some stunning in-game and gamplay footage. Producer Dan Hay said that in Far Cry 3 you are hunting Vaas. In terms of the scale of the area being covered, Hay reassuringly said that in Far Cry 3 there will be an entire archipelago to discover in the game.
  • Splinter Cell: Blacklist got some more teasers and creative director Max Beland said that it will be the “biggest Splinter Cell yet”. Spy vs. Mercs and the multiplayer elements from Splinter Cell: Conviction will make a return. Overall not that much new information since it was first shown off at Microsoft’s press conference earlier that day.
  • Rayman Legends got a gameplay showing. The game is being made for the Wii U but the touch control elements appear to also be applicable to the PS Vita handheld. This was only announced to be in development for the Wii U however, so only time will tell. The style is similar to the stunningly fun Rayman Origins, with the series’ return to the 2D sidescroller, but with additional touch control elements to get through certain puzzles. This looks really exciting.
  • Zombi U got a trailer. This will be a Wii U exclusive game that will use the various gameplay elements of the Wii U gamepad to help you to survive a zombie apocolypse in central London. God save the Queen and all that jazz.
  • Ubisoft then showed off some more titles that will be supporting the Wii U: RabbidsLand, Yourshape: Fitness Evolved, Sports Connection, Just Dance 4, and Assassins Creed III.
  • Assassins Creed III got a new trailer and then some gameplay footage. It appears the exploration will be across wilderness and cities/settlements/army encampments during the American Revolution. As for wilderness exploration, you will be able to climb up and leap across tree branches, rocks, dead trees and cliffs. The mechanics look similar to the gameplay staples for urban exploration that have been established in previous instalments. Stealth looks like it will be used more as you will be able to hunt and hide in tall grass. Enemies will be on four legs (e.g. wolves, bears) and two (templars and their cronies on both sides of the battlefield). Although up til now the gameplay was shown in winter, producer Francois Pelland stated that you will be playing in both summer and winter. Release will be October 2012.
  • Closing the press conference Ubisoft founder Yves Guillemot delivered a brand new IP that had apparently been 2 years in development. Entitled Watch_Dogs it runs with the premise that ‘connection is power’ and that since we live in a world that is more and more hooked up to computer information networks, a good hacker can know everything about you. Some gameplay was shown which looked absolutely stunning as you prowl the streets in a current day city in America (I think it was New York) and complete missions through hacking datafeeds: phones, laptops, tablets, traffic lights, power grids and so on. It will involve action elements too. Looks kind of like a modern day noir. No release date was stated so I suspect this will remain in development for another year. You can watch the ten minute E3 demo here.

Sources: MCV, E3, youtube
Reporter: Dean Simons

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