Ubisofts Watch_Dogs Steals the Show at E3

Watch_Dogs, the new game from Ubisoft, announced at E3 this week without doubt stole the show and has proved to be the biggest hit of the show after being nominated and winning several game of the show awards. The game is set in a future Chicago were the whole city is connected via computers and the internet meaning anything can be hacked and information can be accessed.

Watch Dogs is an open world game in the likes of GTA and inFamous where the main character Aidan Pierce who Kevin Short, lead story designer on the game, described as a man shaped by violence and obsessed with surveillance. Aidan Pierce is shown going through the city using surveillance and hacking techniques to get aroundand obtain information on his target before going in for the kill.

With so many games in the last couple of games have 3, 4 or 5 after them or being reboots, its great to have such an amazing looking new game come along. Watch Dogs, The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls have 2013 looking really exciting for new game franchise releases.

Watch Dogs is due out on PC and consoles in 2013 although some industry expects have commented that the games graphics and lighting look so good it could be a next gen title but Ubisoft have not confirmed.

Source: Ubisoft
Reporter: Soulfinger

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  1. deanjsimons /

    Twas most awesome. Tho I reckon Rayman Legends and Pikmin 3 deserve a nod…

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