Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs Delayed until Spring 2014

watch_dogs LogoBad news for those of us excited about Ubisoft‘s forthcoming title Watch_Dogs. The French company has announced the the game is being delayed until early next year in order to “ensure it meets the developers’ vision”.

If I were being cynical, I would suggest that publishers had a habit of releasing games un-finished then releasing “Day 1” patches and other fixes. If I were cynical I’d suggest that a major issue had been uncovered that required the delay. But I’m not so I’ll accept the explanation and put the delay down to meeting creator vision and hitting the next “big release” window after Christmas…

Source: Computer and Video Games (CVG)
Reporter: WedgeDoc

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One comment

  1. jms1701 /

    Noooooooooooooo – so glad I changed my pre-order bundle to include Killzone otherwise I’d have nothing to play on release day….

    Still though I’d rather have a game that works as they want it to when it gets released….

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