‘Ultimate’ Judge Dredd Story to Get UK Reprint

Fans of Judge Dredd rejoice with some great news of one of the best Dredd stories ever. The story widely acknowledged as the defining Judge Dredd story is to get a UK reprint! Breathtakingly mature, still chillingly relevant, and raising fundamental questions about the nature of justice and freedom, America remains one of the all-time greatest Dredd stories.

Written by Dredd co-creator John Wagner (History of Violence, Button Man) with richly painted artwork by Colin MacNeil, this classic – first publised in 1990 – was not only hugely ahead of its time but explores issues of terrorism and freedom fighting in a way few comics ever have.

In Mega-City One, the Judges are the law – acting as judge, jury, and executioner. But how do the citizens really feel about a system where they are powerless?

America Jara and Bennett Beeny grow up as best friends, living a fairly trouble-free life in a dangerous city… bar the odd encounter with a Judge. Time draws them apart, and when they are brought back together, Beeny is a successful singer… and America has become involved with a terrorist organisation – with the Judges in its sights!

Unavailable due to high demand for some time, the reprint of this stunning collection will hit UK stores this July and is the perfect introduction to the world of Judge Dredd. Discover this defining story for yourself, when Dredd’s authoritarian world became deeper, richer, and more relevant than you ever thought possible.

Source: 2000AD
Reporter: Montoya

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