Uncover the Real Murdoch Mysteries

Set in Toronto in the 1890s, Murdoch Mysteries is the much-loved crime series airing on Alibi TV. It follows detective James Murdoch as he uses the latest forensic techniques to solve  crimes that highlight controversial social issues of the period from adultery and abortion to poverty and racism.

I came on late to this show but have been catching up quickly on this CSI style period crime drama. I have found it really cleaver how they have to use what is available to them at the time. The characters are quirky and enjoyable to watch which makes this easy and interesting viewing.

Now you have the chance to read the books that inspired this series. So be sure to check them out:

Now, for the first time in the UK, Titan Books are publishing in print and e-book the compelling series of novels that inspired the show. Written by British-born award-winning author, Maureen Jennings, the series will launch with stand-alone adventures, Expect the Dying and Under the Dragon’s Tail.


Source: Titan Books

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