Universal and Justin Lin to Reboot ‘Terminator’ Franchise

Yes you read that right! The guy who directed the last three Fast and Furious movies may be getting the chance to reboot the franchise that made Arnold Scwarzenegger into a house hold name and which proved that a sequel could be better than the original! Universal, who apparently have the rights to the franchise after they won a game of musical chairs, is planning to bring back the franchise with Justin Lin directing and Chris Morgan (WANTED, the upcoming 47 RONIN) writing the script.

After last week’s Tweet from the recently former Governor of California  saying that the big guy might be ready to come back to action it’s possible he might be up for a role in the franchise that made his career what it is today.

Of course nothing is official but it’s nice to see some movement on this as it would be an awful waste to see this franchise die. Personally I do not want a sequel to the current four movies. After the 3rd and 4th films the story has gotten to messy. I’d love to see them start fresh and possibly set the movie during the initial take over by the machines. You could reference John Conner and his past encounters with the machines or you could just ignore that history and have John rise up to be a general without the need for time travelling Arnolds!

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