Universal to Reboot THE MUMMY

It seems you just can’t keep a good Mummy buried these days.

Someone has obviously been hearing my crises for more pulp adventure in the world of geekdom. No sooner had we reported that a Allan Quatermain TV show was in the works than Universal has now decided to dust off The Mummy franchise and reboot the series. John Spaihts , The co-writer of Prometheus is on board to write the new script with the producer behind the original franchise returning to helm this new reboot.

No word yet on whether Brendan Fraser, Rachel Weisz or any of the other cast members will be reprising their roles (my guess is they won’t) or if Stephen Sommers will return to direct.

On the one hand I’m excited as I really enjoyed the Mummy films (especially the first film) but not sure I want to see them rebooted so soon after the last film. I would much rather see a new pulp adventure franchise get kick started but as always I’ll  wait and see where this project goes. Also the mummy films themselves were reboots of the 1932 mummy film starring Boris Karloff so I guess what goes around comes around.

Hollywood Reporter
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