Update on #DrWhoDaniel: Daniel Gets a Visit from Madame Kovarian

Earlier this week myself and Martyn over at Bad Wilf did a post on trying to grant a Christmas wish for Daniel Norton, one very poorly Doctor Who fan. The response has been tremendous and goes to show that when it matters people will come together for something greater than them, like a real life Justice League. Well yesterday no more embodied this more than actress Frances Barber (@francesbarber13)  aka Madame Kovarian, who three days after Martyn contacted her on Twitter has been to visit Daniel.

Now I could say how much Frances visit meant to Daniel but I think those words are better left to be shared by Daniel’s mum Tracey.

“Today I have to say a huge big THANK YOU.

Today due to the amazing efforts of my amazing friends Frances Barber, Madame Kovarian, the baddie from Dr Who, visited Daniel.

Daniel has not spoken much the last three weeks and his nurses were amazed that he sat up with the biggest smile and chatted.

I want to cry at seeing him smile and this was only possible by some amazing friends and their campaign. I can never thank you enough and for a brief moment Daniel was happy.

She brought him gifts and is visiting him again with more gifts.
THANK you with all my heart.” – Tracey Norton

Just goes to show what can be done when social media is used for good rather than ill.

Hopefully Frances will just be the first of some Dr Who visitors for Daniel. To do this though keep giving the hashtag #DrWhoDaniel a mention on your social media feeds to help raise the profile of this Christmas wish for Daniel so it reaches the right ears.

SO can also check out the Facebook page and Tracey has kindly allowed me to use these photos of the visit below.

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