Vampire Diaries Spinoff: Pilot Sneaks Into Season 4

OriginalsIf you’re anything like me, half the fun of watching The Vampire Diaries comes from Klaus and the Originals wreaking havoc on Mystic Falls. Things are always more interesting when they’re around, and you’re always left wanting more.

Seems like we’re about to get that wish, as The CW is developing a spinoff based on the first family of vampires.

Klaus and family certainly have enough history to support their own show, and we’ll get to learn a bit more about it when Season 4 resumes.

Later on this season, as Stefan and Damon undoubtedly continue to battle each other over Elena, Klaus will head down to New Orleans to check up on some old friends. His old protegé, a character by the name of Marcel, has been keeping an eye on the town that Klaus helped build ages ago. Written by Julie Plec, this episode will serve as a back-door pilot for the spinoff show, which would center around the infamous family. The current working title for the new show is The Originals.

Joseph Morgan will carry on as Klaus, the coolest bad boy of them all. No word yet on the other family members, but it’s probably safe to say they’ll all be making an appearance, especially if they go back into the family history. Phoebe Tonkin, who currently plays werewolf Hayley on TVD, is also set to join the cast.

Keep your fingers crossed, and tune in to The Vampire Diaries when it returns from hiatus on Thursday, January 17th!


Source: Entertainment Weekly
Reporter: Mirjana

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