Variant Covers Galore as ‘Batman: Death of the Family’ Begins

Last week’s Batman #13 and Batgirl #13 have sold so well that DC has announced a second printing of the opening installments to the latest major storyline to affect the Bat-books, ‘Death of The Family’. Catwoman #13 will also get the second printing and exclusive cover treatment despite it only going on sale today. Also, on 14th November, Batman #14 will come with a choice of three variant covers for discerning Bat-fans to pick.

The second printing of Batman #13 will feature a previously unpublished cover by Aaron Kuder, Batgirl #13 will get one by Ed Benes, and Catwoman #13 will get a new cover by Andy Clarke. All three second printings of these comics will go on sale 14th November.

The three variant covers of Batman #14 will include one close up shot of Batman staring down Harley Quinn by artist Trevor McCarthy, a sketch variant and a slightly different version of Greg Capullo’s standard cover, the latter of which will ship with the print-digital combo pack.


‘Death of the Family’ features the return of Batman’s greatest foe the Joker since his disappearance and assumed demise way back at the start of the New 52 last September, in the pages of Detective Comics.

Source: DC’s Source Blog, CBR

Reporter: Dean Simons

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