Venom Has A New Host And His Name is……

Today Marvel held a Press Call and Stephen Wacker (editor) accidentally revealed the secret identity of the New Venom.  The new Venom series is an ongoing series set to launch in March and the new identity of Venom had been kept a secret, and was set to be revealed in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man #654.1.

SPOILERS you’ve been warned!

The man that will be taken on the responsibility of the new suit is none other than Flash Thompson (who i theorized it was back when the series was announced).

Check out a full report of the conference call here

And check out this beautiful art work from artist Tony Moore

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Source: Marvel

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  1. **Name Removed to Avoid Spoilers**? I LIKE IT!

    • BTW, did you ever read the story of the other symbiote host who was crippled? I forget his code name, but he was a black guy and I believed he had braided hair.

      • hmmm no i don’t think i have! i remember the guy who had the venom symbiont before Mac, the gangsters son. the suit didn’t like him so it killed him (i think)

      • Nah, this is 90s stuff, I believe. I gotta check the Marvel U wiki.

      • AH, found him. His name is Hybrid. I think the character may still exist, but is in “limbo” right now.

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