Venture into the Dungeons in Real Life with Legend Quests!

Ever wanted to explore dungeons, face monsters and solve puzzles? Sure, you can fire up a video game and immerse yourself in a virtual world, but how much cooler … how much better would it be to actually be there yourself? That’s the idea behind Legend Quests – a new Kickstarter which offers just these opportunities.

Legend Quests

With support from legendary game creator Ian Livingstone (founder of Games Workshop, Eidos Interactive and co-creator / author of the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series), props from (KnightmareDoctor Who) and with the voice of Tom Baker (Doctor WhoLittle Britain), this project is already off to a strong start.

Here’s the official word to get you hyped up. Once you’ve read it, head straight over to the Kickstarter page and hit that pledge button!

Tom Baker takes on a new role, collaborating with a unique live theatre game project and million selling fantasy super team.

It’s been 30 years in the making as Legend Quests “Live” theatrical fantasy dungeon game creator, Oliver McNeil, explained. When he was fourteen years old, his love of the multi million selling Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson “Fighting Fantasy” gamebooks, proved artistic and creative inspiration as he painted the illustrations on his bedroom walls. This started his journey into prop making, scenic art and theatre design, which he now utilises for his now fantasy photography studio business Legend Photography.

The “Live” Dungeon game, is being created through crowdfunding as Oliver wanted to bring a truly immersive experience for his many varied clients that came through his photographic studio. His has been is mission to get the very best of the business. Targeting the more mainstream audience, the dungeon space is truly unique as it’s both portable and realistic in design.

The game is a unique team theatre experience, where as the curtains open on the show, any number of dungeon environments will have been created by the crew. Members of the audience will be invited to enter the stage area and take part in encounter scenes, interacting with our actors. As the adventure unfolds, new scenes will be created in this versatile space for audience members to enter and enjoy. The audience are therefore the players in a thrilling, interactive 2 hour adventure.

There are games designed for a small participating audience of 30, where everyone gets to have a go and see the journey to the end, or the extreme immersion game with just 10 players (costumes are provided for this version).

Using theatrical lighting, sets, illusions and sound effects, this will be an experience like no other.

Ian Livingstone himself will be acting a project advisor and, as well as Tom Baker lending his voice as a mystery character only known as the “Voice of the Dungeon”. They also have an impressive collection of Illusion designers, puppet and monster makers (who have worked on Doctor Who), fantasy authors including Jamie Thomson from the Dark Lord the Teenage Years books that won the Roald Dahl Funny Prize award. Jonathan Green who also wrote for the original Fighting Fantasy books is also submitting his work.

As just some of the rewards they have two of the original Fighting fantasy illustrators, Russ Nicolson (The Warlock of Firetop Mountain) & Malcolm Barter (The Forest of Doom) designing magical items such as the Chaos Coin & the Wizards Talisman, that will be handcrafted for fans to own.

Source: Press Release
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