Verboten! Germany Bans Xbox 360

In a sad twist of fate for German gamers, the Xbox 360 has been banned from distribution in Germany. The news comes in the midst of a patent dispute between Microsoft and Motorola.

Microsoft has allegedly infringed four patents owned by Motorola Mobility that relate to Wi-Fi connectivity and video compression of the H.264 standard. If Microsoft is proved in the wrong, the company would allegedly face an annual bill of around $4bn to Motorola Mobility.

While the courts in the United States have yet to make an official decision pending full review, German courts have taken the first step by banning the distribution of Microsoft products including the Xbox 360, Internet Explorer, Windows 7, and Windows Media Player.

The United States court has ruled that Motorola cannot enforce any action until the issue has been explored further. A full review in the US courts won’t be made until August.

Anticipating the move, Microsoft had moved its distribution of Xbox 360 devices from Germany to the Netherlands last month to preserve the chain that feeds the US markets with the spiffing new imported consoles.

Source: MCV, BBC
Reporter: Dean Simons

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