Video from Thought Bubble

The Organisers of Thought Bubble 2010 had a crew go round with a camera and get interviews with some of the guests!

Check it our and see if you can spot yourself! Stacy Whittle (Small Press Big Mouth) can be seen at 6 mins and 50 seconds and Daniel Clifford (North East Geek Feast) can be seen at 12 mins 24 seconds

Unfortunately they felt that my presence on the video would over shadow the rest of the attendees so i was purposely edited out

Nick Thompson and Rosie K. Stoker enter the Saviles Hall for a wander round the Thought Bubble Comic Convention.

Only one of them returned.

Includes chats with Gary Chudleigh and Graeme Kennedy of Obscure Reference Comics, Tim Plicher and GM Jordan of the UK Comic Book Alliance, Ian Sharman of Orangutan Comics and writer/artist Al Davison.

GS Reporter: Matt

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  1. Haha! There I am at 00:45 in my long brown Doctor 10 coat. Back to camera…

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