DrWhoDaniel Update: Video Message from Steven Moffat, Sketches From a Dr Who Artist and a ton of Comics/Merch

So as you know Martyn from the Badwilf website/podcast and myself have been working together to try and make things a little brighter for Dr Who  Daniel Norton who is currently very poorly in hospital.

Yesterday Dr Who Artist Rachael Smith sent Daniel a sketch of himself with the Tenth Doctor.

daniel docco (1)

There was also an awesome care package of Dr Who comics and merchandise courtesy of Titan Comics.


And now this morning Dr Who Showrunner Steven Moffat sent Daniel a Video message which you can see below.


So big, big thanks to Frances Barber (who visited Daniel earlier this week), Titan Comics, Rachael Smith,  the BBC, Steven Moffat and everyone else who had been involved with #drwhodaniel you have been putting a consistent smile on Daniel’s face all week!

It’s great to know that with all the gloom around at the moment that we still remember that we can help lift that gloom by doing something good for someone else. This what fandom and geekdom is like at its’ best!

The Twitter hashtag #drwhodaniel has been set up to help spread the word so please help. There is also a Facebook group.

What we need you lot to do is very simple. We want just want you to spread the word of the twitter hashtag #drwhodaniel. Of course if you have a connection to an actor who has played the Doctor who would be up for going to see Daniel then please get in touch via the hashtag or contact us at thegeeksATgeeksyndicate.co.uk

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