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logo-virgin-media-shortWhen I was invited to attend the Virgin Media Shorts Awards next month I figured  would try and get into the swing of things by picking some of my fave media shorts that would appear to the GS site visitors. I have to admit that I did visit their website with some trepidation. Two minutes and twenty seconds to tell a story? I mean you can’t even boil an egg in that time (when not one I would eat) so to make film…no way. Well at least that’s what I thought to begin with.

After spending far less time than I thought I would on the site it was proven to me just how brilliant and inventive creative folk are. The level of passion in every film I saw, whether I liked the content or not, was there in every frame. More than what is on the screen however is the creative ways these filmmakers have been able to come up with stories that aren’t just a slice of the action but are fully formed stories with a beginning, middle and end.

It quickly became clear to me that I was going to get overwhelmed with the vast scope of the films on offer and that I need an A-Team style plan to help me. Seeing that I could not find a handy barn, complete with wielding torch and masking tape I instead checked out the popular tabs of ‘Action Adventure’ and ‘Sci-Fi’ to see what they threw back at me. What I learnt from my eventual selection was the following…

• In right hands a thumb can be the deadliest weapon in your arsenal  – Handuken
• I need to stop scheduling emails to send to myself in ten years time because it’s not as ‘fun’ as I think – Dear Future Self
• A little bit of telekinesis can go a long way in a Snowball fight – Sock
• God never ever meant for us to find that missing sock – Super Powered Snowball Fight

Anyway with faux wisdom dispensed check out my pick of the bunch below and see what you think. Even if you don’t agree with any of my choices then I urge you to spend some time searching the library of shorts as I guarantee you’ll find something to tickle those creative buds.

My Pick of the Bunch

Hands down my fave pick was Handuken by Chris Chung, which is one of the films selected on the short list of the Nikon People’s Choice Award and  prize £5000 to fun future film projects. I always love anything that’s got martial arts in it but when we get down to the real battle…well lets just say that in the deadliest of battles it all comes down to the thumb action. I’ve my fingers and thumbs crossed for it. Oh and while I’m here Chris if you’re reading this…Handuken the film please…cheers!

I’m still on the hunt for any sci-fi, fantasy, action or anything that the folks here at GS might get a kick out of. If you find anything that we might like then post the link in the comments section.

If you want to know more about the awards then look no further than the blurb below.GS will be at Virgin Media Shorts red carpet event in London celebrating the event so stay turned!!!

What is Virgin Media Shorts?

Now in our sixth year, Virgin Media Shorts is the biggest short film competition in the UK. We’re on hand every year, dedicated to unearthing undiscovered talent a give a helping leg up into the competitive movie industry.

The Grand Prize Winner

Decided by our panel of expert judges, one lucky film-maker will walk away with £30,000 funding to make their next film, along with money-can’t-buy expert mentoring from the UK’s leading film body, the British Film Institute.

The Nikon People’s Choice Award

We hand the power over to you, the great British public, to vote for your favourite shortlisted film via Twitter and our Facebook tab between the 9th September and the 21st October 2013. To vote via Twitter you must state the name of the film followed by #VMShortsVote. Please note that you can only vote once on Facebook and once via Twitter, in addition to which Virgin Media has the right to disqualify any individual who tampers with the entry process. Please read the terms and conditions for more information. The Nikon People’s Choice Award Winner will receive £5,000 film funding, mentoring from the BFI and Nikon digital SLR camera equipment worth up to £5,000.

The TiVo® Award

Virgin Media customers get to vote with their remotes and crown our second ever TiVo® Award Winner. By voting through their TiVo® set top boxes, customers will choose their favourite of the 13 shortlisted films. The winner will win Virgin Media’s TiVo® service for a year (if they are an existing Virgin Media customer).

Reporter: Nuge
Source: Virgin Media Shorts

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