A Voice in The Dark Volume 1 Gets June Release

A Voice in The Dark Volume 1 is coming to comic book stores on 25th June and bookstores 8th July. It collects together issues 1-7 of the A Voice in The Dark comic books written and drawn by Larime Taylor.

The reader follows the travails of college student Zoey, a girl who counts the days since she last killed someone. All she wants is to resist her dark temptations and make a good impression on her friends. Until she discovers something sinister at work in her small university community.

Larime Taylor is a ‘mouth artist’ who creates Zoey’s world via a stylus held in his mouth and his Wacom tablet. I can only imagine the effort and discipline that this entails as he creates something that looks as beautiful as A Voice in The Dark.

Taylor described his protagonist in an interview with Comic Book Resources. “She’s not a psychopath or sociopath, she has friends, and her daily life is complicated by these compulsions she’s had since her earliest childhood memories,” he said. “They’ve always been there. Now that she’s actually acted on them, though, she’s losing her grip on them. She’s daydreaming and fantasizing about killing people in the middle of class, or even a conversation. She snaps out of it and realizes it was just her imagination, but she’s not sure how much longer it’ll just be her imagination.”

A Voice in The Dark Cover

To see if Zoey unleashes her inner demons, pick up A Voice in The Dark Volume 1 later in the month.

Source: Image Comics
GS Blogger: Casey Douglass

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