Voices from the Syndicate: Best Movie Poster EVER?

Over the years there have been some truly iconic movie posters. Some say that a poster can make a break a film and I have to agree. A great movie poster can capture your imagination and will make you want to see the film more.

Of course a bad movie poster can also nearly ruin a film. Only this year the people at FOX nearly killed X-Men First Class with a teaser poster that look terrible, fortunately they managed to redeem themselves with some classy and simple posters later.

So we asked the team here at Geek Syndicate which poster is the favourite and why.

GEORGE: For me it’s the poster from the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, it was dignified and really did well to encapsulate the whole film. Really great!

SHAR: I’d have to say one of my favorites is “The Nightmare Before Christmas” poster; Tim Burton’s style of whimsy and creepy come together perfectly in it and I like how Jack Skellington stands out against the moon.

MONTOYA: I do love the Raiders poster but how about a little love for it’s little inspired cousin The Goonies. The film was so much fun and the poster gave us a hint of adventure and fun all in one movie.

MIRJANA: Tron is one of my all time favorite movies, and I’ve always loved the poster.  I still have the classic poster that was up on my wall when I was a kid.  I also loved the posters for Tron: Legacy – I thought they were all great, but I especially loved the one that mirrored the original.

ALEXIS: My favourite movie poster is that for Pulp Fiction. I also have a fondness for classic hand-painted posters, the Universal Horror Posters for instance, but also Taxi Driver, Jaws and Star Wars. The poster for fargo (the cross stitch one) is pretty cool also.

BRODYSIXX: My favourite is the banner-style poster for Blade Runner that I have. It’s downright badass!! And a Joker ‘Why so serious’ one. The white of his face glows from the moonlight in my bedroom window…it’s god damn creepy and I love it!

NUGE: For me it will always be the Raiders of the Lost Ark poster (although the teaser post for Last Crusade comes in a close second)…the minute you see the ‘From the creators of Jaws and Star Wars’ you’re sold on seeing this film but the brilliant artwork just rams the point home even more…pure class.

AMAECHI: The Terminator I had this poster on my wall as a kid for years. It was my most iconic poster as a teen. Still think its great today.

MATT F: I remember being a late-teenager when the poster for Tim Burton’s Batman hit the streets and it being everywhere – bus stops, wall boards, etc – and the complete craze for it that seemed to be caused. It was like nothing that been out there before (although probably there had been, but thats how it seemed to me!) and regardless of the film itself that single, strong image was a phenomena. Kids in our school even broke into displays to nick them, they were that big a deal. You can still see the influence in a lot of poster design today…

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