Voices from the Syndicate: Happy 45th Birthday Star Trek

The Geek Syndicate show their love for Star Trek or do they…

This time out we wanted to celebrate Star Trek’s 45th birthday with style by asking our geek team of their favourite memories of Star Trek.

However the results nearly shook my geek foundations to their core.

LIZ: Shockingly Star Trek sort of…passed me by growing up.  I do however love the new movie.  And have never watched any of the other movies, but the occasional show, yes.  More than that, I can’t say! I am ready for my punishment now.

ALEXIS: Never watched it. I tried to start wth Enterprise but found it achingly dull. Never seen any of the movies apart from the new one. I liked it but clearly not as much as everybody else did.

MATT F: I love it. Its patchy, flawed, some series and most of the films are largely rubbish but I just can’t help myself. Theres something endearing about the whole Enterprise (sorry!).  Best series for me is Deep Space 9, Best film is Wrath of Khan. The series also managed to produce one of the worst SF movies I’ve ever seen in Star Trek 5, so it’s got the full spectrum covered!

LUKE H: I have honestly let star trek go completely by me. I know who Kirk n spok r but that’s about it. Never did anything for me.

CLARKY: Star Trek is and was a sprawling toxic tumourous fan-milking monster. It is also the first of it’s kind in establishing the lazy military science fiction TV series format, taking it seriously and in it’s history has done wondrous innovative things with that format (Deep Space Nine & Original Series) & exposed it’s absolute weaknesses (Voyager.) But heh at least it’s not star wars. This message brought to you by the letter ‘D’ for diplomatic. 🙂

TOM: I love watching re-runs of star trek on CBS action, I find the 60s series hilarious, the corny-ness of the acting and stories make it seem like a spoof! Aside from that I grew up watching Voyager with my Dad, which I don’t think is a bad thing… Janeway isn’t the best captain, but she’s the one who I’m most familiar with.

BRODYSIXX: I was raised a Stars Wars child, but gave ST a chance as an adult and enjoyed it…but not as much as the Saga. I do however think that Jean-Luc Picard is a god damn brilliant character! And my favourite episode would have to be the DS9 episode Trials and Tribble-ations. Quality Kirkness and tribbles!!

GEORGE: I love Star Trek, and my favourite is The Next Generation, although if I wanted an ideal Star Trek hypothetical scenario it would be Picard as Captain in The Original Series; although that’s mostly because of my love for Patrick Stewart! Favourite film is definitely Wrath of Khan, closely followed by J.J Abram’s masterpiece! I love the face Shatner pulls when he yells “KHAN!” I’m actually laughing right now just thinking of it!! With regards to Star Trek music, Shatner’s spoken word stuff is godawful. However does anyone remember Star Trekkin’ by The Firm? One of the most brilliantly bizarre songs ever, with one of the most brilliantly bizarre videos! If you’ve not heard it for a while, or have never had the pleasure, get on YouTube now! “We come in peace, shoot to kill!” So in summary, Star Trek is awesome!

MATT P: As some have said, Star Trek is flawed! But it is still a show I can watch when ever it is on. I was always more of a Star Wars man myself but I have a special place in my heart for the original series Deep Space Nine. I even enjoyed Enterprise.

SHAR: Never watched it – just the movie (which was entertaining but still not really my thing).

MIRJANA: I never watched it as a kid, but I did enjoy the movie and am looking forward to the next one. Much more a Star Wars fan, myself.

DION: I watched TOS as a kid and loved every minute of it. The movies were great (Top 5 – Khan, Country, new Trek, Voyage, Spock.)

Next Generation was a bolt from the blue to me and was really formative in my embrace of geekdom. Episodes like Best of Both Worlds and Yesterday’s Enterprise really raised the stakes on sci-fi drama and arcs like the Klingon leadership battle developed the universe beautifully.

The movies were variable, with First Contact a clear best of the bunch. In a way it’s a shame that DS9 came along because it plucked TNG from my heart and stomped all over it. The cultural mix felt much more real, the characters less cheesy (and smug), the humour was subtler and more character based and the drama – whoah boy, the drama. My favourite by far.

Voyager was a limp biscuit. I gave up after the second season. Enterprise? Couldn’t finish the first. It might have been great, but by then genre television had grown far beyond planet of the week adventures.

Star Trek will always have a place in my heart. I thought it would be past tense but JJ Abraham’s movie reignited the embers. It reminded me of all that was great about the original series, but also brought in elements I loved from the Next Gen and DS9 in terms of storytelling. Can I wait for the next movie? No I Khaaaaaaaaan’t.

NUGE: Star Trek was one my go to sci-fi shows as a kid and I loved every moment of it. I know people  like to hold it up to the light and poke holes at the sets, the clothes, the effects etc but as a kid I couldn’t wait for Wednesday 6pm to roll around to get my fix of Kirk, Mcoy, Spock and co. Yes you got a lot of Kirk kicking ass(which was all good with me) and scoring with green alien ladies and again people find it easy to say that’s all it was. To those people I say go and watch Space Seed, Balance of Terror,The Corbomite Maneuver,,Where no man has gone before and The Alternative Factor. The Next Gen series I couldn’t get on with to begin with as these weren’t the characters I knew and loved. I began to warm to the show and then with episodes like ‘Q Who’ and the fantastic Best of Both Worlds two parter they had me. I enjoyed  Deep Space Nine  but it never really came alive for me as a show until  brought in the Dominion and war came to the Federation. Those later episodes contained some of my fave Star Trek stuff to me and showed me that we could tell stories that weren’t just set on a starship, it made the Trek universe feel bigger. After DS9 ended the show that followed were never able to capture what had gone before. Sure both Voyager and Enterprise had some great episodes but they just felt like poor relations to me.

Moving on to the movies – Wrath of Khan, Undiscovered Country, First Contact and Rebooted Star Trek films were my faves.

So happy birthday Star Trek and live long and prosper. You gave me a lot of entertainment and wonder over the years and I hope I’ve not seen the last of you.

GS: So there you have it folks the world gone mad as the Geek Syndicate is split down the middle for their love of all things TREK.

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