Voices from the Syndicate – What ‘s the geekiest thing you’ve done?

So this week the question was posed to the team What ‘s the geekiest thing you’ve done?

I like to cosplay at work whenever possible. I was Darth Maul last Christmas Eve, but I love being a zombie. I was a zombie neurologist for Red Nose Day.

I also have ‘Geek Code’ describing me and ‘Geek’ in binary, tattooed down my left leg.

I like to spend each May 4th in costume and have a Star Wars filmfest.

I just thought of another…at work when adding a store in Taunton to our system…I entered it as Tauntaun…sadly it got noticed 🙁

Had a whole wall of my flat filled with pictures of (self designed) Atlantean uniforms. Yes had then there when met wife & bizarrely she didn’t run a mile…

The Geekiest thing i have ever done is get a spider-man tattoo on my leg! which i plan to add to with many others such as myself as a super hero on my left thigh.

Geekiest thing. I carry around a sonic screwdriver pen and think of it as real. Never know when you might need it!

I won a cosplay competition dressed as Shuya Nanahara! That was at an Ottakars bookshop manga night…I’m so cool…

I had my mom post me my D&D books while I was in the army. On the bright side I got most of my platoon to give it a go.

Ok, I got one. Can’t believe it didn’t occur to me before but about 15 years ago I co-wrote a spec script for Deep Space 9 with a pal of mine and sent it off to Paramount. For four or five years we heard nothing, then out of the blue came an invitation to pitch.  We could have done it over the phone but decided it’d be way cooler to do it in person. We set a date, booked our flights and went for it.
Needless to say the pitches didn’t go down well enough to get us a job, but we did get a consolation walk around the promenade set, a chance to see a scene rehearsed (and after, say hi to Kira and Dax) and to reassure Rene Echevarria that it would be Absolutely in character for O’Brien to say ‘Bollocks!’ in frustration.
Yeah, pretty geeky and pretty cool. Fun times.


Geekiest thing? HA! It’s Harry Potter related. I had only just gotten into the HP series right when Chamber of Secrets had come out in the theatres in 2002 – was in the middle of reading the book when I went to see the movie. As is my way, I quickly became obsessed and by the following year, when Order of the Phoenix (the book) was being released – I dressed up with some friends for the midnight release at Toys R Us in Times Square. What’s so special about that you ask? A friend & I ended up in Newsweek! And the appearance of my friends & I in Harry Potter garb ending up in national publications didn’t end there! For the Half-Blood Prince release, did the whole midnight book release deal….and ended up in The New York Times. No hiding the geekiness from anyone at this point!


Many, many years ago going to a fancy dress party with Dave dressed as Indiana Jones and his dad, Henry Jones Sr. Fortunately all photographic evidence has been destoryed.
Naming my first pet Indy
Going to work with a Superman t-shirt under my regular clothes (yes and I do will Clark Kent style glasses)…juse in case

When I was 19 and living in Portugal I was told to pick up the new work mini bus – van and look after it all day. So off I went down to the beach and woods and pretended I was in the Enterprise Galialeo shuttle all fricking day. I even had my replica TNG tricorder as well. Man that beach planet was great..

Never told anyone that story… Ever

Matt F

hmmm. i have to say that the by far the geekiest thing i’ve done is attend Thought Bubble wearing a t-shirt advertising my podcast. co-host Kehaar did the same. it was awesome 🙂


Hmm, the Geekiest thing I’ve done… Well, to be honest (and this will sound like a complete cop-out) writing for GS is the Geekiest thing I’ve done, or maybe watching Kick-Ass and Scott Pilgrim 3 times in the Cinema – does that count? I’m not really one for dressing up or waiting in line for things, I think I’d like a geeky tattoo though, one day.


The geekiest thing that I have ever done was ether going to Kapow and spending £17 on Pokemon cards or when Pokemon Black and White came out wearing my Pokemon top underneath my school uniform so that I had it on when I went to buy it strait after school.

So let us know  – What ‘s the geekiest thing you’ve done?

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  1. Martin /

    I was taken aroun the Paramount lot by someone who worked on DS9. He tried to get me on the Voyager set but because politicians were there that day we couldn’t. I got to meet Robert Beltran in full costume, see the make-up dept, and the Voyager production offices. Also saw Kate Mulgrew smoking and Bob Picardo cycling to the set.

    Other than that, getting in line at 5:45 am for the TRON Legacy panel at Comic Con last year. And buying every bit of TRON merchandise around the hall as well.

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