VOICES OF THE SYNDICATE: Ben Affleck is Batman What Do We Think?

batmanSo we have a new Dark Knight but what do the members of the Geek Syndicate think about the news?

Nuge: IT’S WHO????!! That was my initial reaction to news because of all the actors I was thinking Affleck wasn’t the last name on the list because he wasn’t even on the list.

Personally I’m going to do a crazy thing and actually wait until I see him in some footage before I make any snap judgements. I think given how much DC have riding on this and that they must have known how some people would react to Affleck’s casting I reckon his audition would have needed to be something special for him to be cast in the role.

I just wish they had not shoehorned Batman into this sequel and now that they have I wish they would shoehorn in Wonder Woman (thanks for the suggestion monts!) as well and had a Trinity film rather than a VS film.


WedgeDoc aka Ant: I don’t get the nerd-rage that seems to have come out over this. I think they bloke is a pretty decent actor. I think he looks Bruce Wayne enough to pull off that element. I actually thought he did a good job in DareDevil (I quite liked that film, having no notion of the character beyond a couple of cameos in the 90s Spider-Man series and that Incredible Hulk TV Movie “Trial of the Incredible Hulk”).

But back to Batman – let’s face it, most Batmen fail because of the films they are in rather than their acting. Let’s just calm down, sit back and see what happens.


Djsimons aka Dean: Daredevil is Batman eh? Hope he didn’t blindly walk into this role. I thought he developed a healthy fear of tight costumes after that red leather gimp suit.


SilverFox aka Ron: Well I think Ben Affect would be better than Ben Affleck!

Seriously, Affleck is only getting a lot of kudos right now because of the historically-inaccurate Argo. Up until then, his career was pretty much tanking it, being nowhere near the bankable star that he was considered back in the early noughties when he was dating Jennifer Lopez and really in the limelight. He had some nice roles like Jack Ryan, but didn’t really set the world alight. Daredevil wasn’t brilliant, but in truth, it wasn’t his fault.
And so to Batman. Will he stick with the franchise, or back out after his minimum commitment for something more ambitious when the opportunity presents itself? That’s my fear. I would have favored someone less established, like Richard Armitage, or better still, the continuity of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s certainly more Val Kilmer than Clooney or Keaton. He’s not Bale, which means at least one thing – we can expect The Batman… not the Dark Knight…


Philhobden – It’s an obvious choice but not a bad one. Affleck is underrated as an actor. I would have been FAR happier if he had been directing the film. Are there better choices? For sure… John Hamm or Josh Brolin get my vote but my biggest concern is simply that with one of the most promising directorial careers in Hollywood, Affleck will lead to another round of changing batmen after every film which would be frustrating.

But overall could have been worse. Could have been Ryan Gosling.


Darkcasey aka Casey: I don’t mind Affleck as an actor, but when I think of him as Batman, it just feels wrong. Can he be dark enough? I think Bale did such a great turn as Batman that whoever follows will have a heck of a job filling those shoes.


Stevenstone84: Affleck is a vastly underrated actor and and a true talent. He turned down directing the Justice League movie (must’ve been for this) so we know he’s going to give it his all. I have seen a fair few Affleck movies an he definitely can do this film. Those who cite Daredevil as a reason he’s not the right choice – that film was a mess because the studio hacked it to bits, not Affleck’s performance. Wait until its out or at least a trailer to give judgement but I say he’s gonna be da bomb!


Brynntferth aka Dion: I was surprised by the casting decision, but not outraged. Whilst there is a certain cheese factor to the Affleck, I think he has the chops to pull off the role.
I’ve yet to see Man Of Steel, so I don’t know how Cavill shaped up. Can the two actors pull off the classic World’s Finest dynamic? Will the story live up to the titanic headline characters? The only way to know is to watch it. I await with crackling anticipation.


Leoj: Personally, I’m pretty okay with Affleck being Batman. He’s had some really great movies in the last decade or so, and I definitely think it’s going to be worth a watch when he dons the cape and cowl.


lightstarangel aka Sharlene: Underwhelmed. I don’t think I’m OK with the Batfleck quite yet. The news just made me think back to when George Clooney was Batman. We saw how that turned out. No bueno my friends.


Mirjana: My initial reaction was a big fat “NO WAY,” but now that I’ve slept on it I am re-thinking that a bit. He is very talented, I think, and he’s come a long way in the 10 years since Daredevil, both as an actor and a director.

I think I might be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt here, or at least reserve judgment until I see some more info.


Dwgrampus aka Matt: I’m not sure that a Batman VS Superman is a good move in the first place – it may light up the core fanboy audience but a cinematic fight between the two feels unearned to me. All that said I think Affleck is fine, a less broodingly miserable choice than Bale but I’m totally fine with a little light in my Dark Knight.


montoc1701 aka Montoya: As Bruce Wayne I am not really sold, as Batman yes I think it can work. Batffleck as he will now be known, is a great director and actor and recently has shown he cares about the source material so I don’t think he will allow it be bad. What I can’t seem to figure is him in a solo movie. I will however hold judgement.


Vichus: I’m in the “wait and see” camp. Some people don’t think Ben Affleck is a good actor. George Clooney is a much more respected actor, but what did he do in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman? Is he anyone’s favorite Batman? It’s not who is the best actor for the job I’m worried about. I’m concerned about who can make me feel like I’m watching a comic book character come to life.

Oh, I’d just like to add a conspiracy theory: Ben Affleck has (sort of) played Superman, and now he’s going to be Batman. I think Affleck is out to eventually play the core 7 Justice League members. We’ve finally found our silver screen Wonder Woman!


Pythiasparlour aka Nat: My objection is primarily an aesthetic one: Batman, as traditionally depicted within the graphic novels, is a very Gothic sort of superhero- there’s a level of enigmatic darkness to him that I don’t think emanates from Affleck in ANY way- if anything, Affleck is your classic Rom-Com protagonist, rather than a brooding Byronic Hero. Sadly, I won’t be able to take him at all seriously in this role- Christian Bale was a far, far better choice, as he had the looks to appease the fangirls, but also the ‘edgy’ quality required to pull off a turn as Bruce Wayne. Ben Affleck is just going to make a lot of people snort with derision, I think- both before and after viewing the film! Why on *earth* is this franchise being rebooted so soon after Nolan tied it up anyway? Hollywood gets more shameless by the second…

So there you have it folks that’s the GS team’s view now let us know your thoughts in the comment below!

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