Voices of the Syndicate – Which 2011 Comic to Film Adaptations is the one to Watch?

So we have decided to relaunch our ‘Voices of the Syndicate’ column but rather than just me or dave commenting, as we did when we first started this website, we have handed  the keys over to the entire GS Team. Each week the guys will be tackling a different question from the world of Geekdom and giving their responses.

If you would like to get in on the fun then please use up the facebook discussion thread if you want to post your questions there or to comment on the answers given in this week’s column. If your question/suggestion is used in an upcoming column you will win a prize.

So without further ado with the summer heavy with comic book film we decided that seemed like the perfect place to start.

If you could watch only one of the comic to film adaptations this year which one would it be and why?

Luke – Green lantern.

Hal Jordan is one of my favourite characters. I have been longing for this film to come. With an amazing cast and Geoff Johns (in my opinion the godfather of GL) on board it cannot fail. I’m desperate to see this.
Matt Captain America

Well at the risk of being slightly controversial I’m a little “adapted out”. Theres certainly a lot of effects, sound and fury being thrown at the screen and we’re well into the steady release of hype and images and so on, but really? It’s all starting to get a little overly familiar and unless you’re specially attached to a given character many of the actual plots a little worn through now or so it feels.

If I had to pick on I’d pick Captain America, just for what looks like a solid period adventure feel (which i always like, even in bad movies) and because it’s the least likely of the recent & upcoming Marvel stuff to be bogged down in “Avengers” build up.

Christophe  – Captain America

Captain America: There are lots of comic to films coming out this year but Marvel are doing it right by making them into a shared universe. This is what we want. Captain America is the start of the Marvel Universe, it is like an origin for the entire Marvel line of films. X-Men FC, Thor and GL all look good but Captain America is a must see. Also it has the whole WW2 feel going on which is pure magic.

Matt P – Captain America

For me it’s Captain America. Not only is he one of my fave characters he’s also beating the snot out of Nazis in a World War 2 setting….. what isn’t there to like?

Chris Evans is looking great as Cap. Hugo Weaving is awesome no matter who he plays and Tommy Lee Jones shouting at people is always a winner. Add in the fact that this is crossing over with the other great movies from Marvel and you have a spectacular package!

Motelycorpse – Undecided?

Toss up between Thor and Captain America. I love a good Norseman, but I am very excited for all of The Avengers stuff!

Vichus  – Captain America

Captain America. Why? first off, “USA, USA!” Secondly, I think that since seeing Emil Blonsky (pre-Abomination) going toe-to-toe with The Hulk, I’ve been excited to see what damage Steve Rogers could do to the Nazis, Herr Skull and the hordes of Hydra.

Anthony  – Captain America

I’m in agreement with the majority so far. Captain America set in the 40s should be a sure-fire winner. While I’m far more of a DC fan than Marvel, Green Lantern has never really interested me that much and personally I feel GL works far better as an Animated offering.
Saying that – Thor looks like it could be Epic!

George Smith – Xmen: First Class

Wow…even though I’ve not stopped slating it I would go for X-Men: First Class I think. I do love my X-Men 🙂 I just hope it’s better than I expect it to be…

Liz – Captain America

Captain America – I have been a fan since I was little. My dad and brother got me into reading the comics. Then I stopped but came back to reading them recently and I love the whole “super soldier” thing and think it’s going to rock when it comes out to. We drove past the various sets in Greenwich some time ago and all I can say is #bigfatsmileyface

Having heard Zack Snyder speak about Superman last night…I am a bit scared. He is a big genre fan but I don’t think he makes movies for the masses. He makes these boutique movies, so who knows what will come of that. Also, have lost train of thought and can’t remember if Superman is this year or next?

But, I am also a big Thor fan. Again, my dad and bro are to blame. But I am also a stickler for getting things right. And I hope that they do get it right with the Thunderer. And having Natalie Portman star is great – I am a big fan of little Natalie and think she should be able to pull off being on the screen with this larger than life persona.

Shar Xmen: First Class

I’m looking forward to seeing X-Men: First Class because I’ve always loved that universe since I was a kid plus I love James McAvoy and am interested to see his take on the Professor Xavier.

Tom – Captain America: The First Avenger

I think I’m going to have to follow suit and go with First Avenger. I mean, have you seen that trailer?! Some great stuff; car chases, shield-throwing, bodily enhancements and the costume looks great in action. On top of all that, the WW2-pulpy setting is a favourite of mine and I’m so glad the whole movie is set during that period.

Jack – Xmen: First Class

I think for me it’s got to be the new X Men. For how well Matthew Vaughn did Kiss Ass i’m really hoping that this is going to be up to his standard.

Nuge – Captain America: The First Avenger

It feels like a pulp adventure, it’s directed by the guy who did one of my fave pulp film The Rocketeer and Hugo weaving is the Red Skull, which is just inspired casting. I’m still not completely sold on Chris Evans as I’ve not heard him utter a word as cap yet but I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that he can pull it off.

So there you have it folks the first of our brand new ‘Voices of the Syndicate’. Remember you can give us your thoughts and pitch your questions to the GS team to be picked for a future column at our Facebook discussion thread and if your question is picked you will win a prize!

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  1. Plain and simple Captain America: The First Avenger.

    X-men has been done (almost to death). DC is trying to get it right but has only hit the mark with Batman.

    Marvel is on the verg of booming with Iro Man, Thor, Cap and the mega group Avengers movie.

    Do not get left Behind!

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