Voyage Trekkers – Season 2 Trailer

voyagetrek1Voyage Trekkers, the web based comedy about the worst starship crew in the galaxy has just announced the release date for Season 2. It is a scripted series of ten weekly web episodes and creator Nathan Blackwell describes it as:

“The show is our comedic love letter to the sci-fi genre. We’ve all watched “the best of the best” crews save the galaxy time and again, but I wanted to make a show about the idiots who absolutely sucked at what they did.  Sort of like “It’s Always Sunny … In Space.”

He also states that:

“We’ve really raised the bar for season two, both with the production and storytelling. We doubled the amount of production days, built a starship set, and we’re telling much larger stories.  We really wanted to blow people’s socks off!”

Season 2 is due for release on 1st May. Check out the trailer below – I don’t think you will ever watch Star Trek quite the same way again! Do it!!

Source: Voyage Trekkers
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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