Walking Dead Artist Charlie Adlard Covers Clone #1

Charlie Adlard, the man who has been doing the art on The Walking Dead for what seems like forever, lends his art to a variant cover of the first issue of the upcoming Image/Skybound series Clone.

Clone is the new series by David Schulner and Juan Jose Ryp about a man who discovers that a group of clones of himself exist, and they’re coming after his family.

With taut storytelling by Schulner, beautiful art by Ryp, and stunning colors by Felix Serrano, Clone is sure to join the group of hits like Thief of Thieves and Witch Doctor that Robert Kirkman’s Skybound imprint of Image is becoming known for.

I know I’ll definitely be looking for it in the comic shop once it hits the shelves!


Source: Image Comics
Reporter: Leo Johnson

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