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As you know the world of Geekdom never sleeps and here at Geek Syndicate, we’re doing our bit to bring you all the latest news, reviews and anything else we can think of that relates to all things geek.

Our goal is not to be a niche “only geeks need apply” website but a website for everyone, which hopefully dispels the stereotypical image of the geek and replaces it with one that’s more positive, accurate, inclusive and overall more fun. It’s a tall order but we’re trying! We also want to shine a light and give a voice to those all those indie projects out there trying to be heard.

Rather than having a select and elite group of people involved with the site, we want geeks who just love being a geek, like talking about the stuff they love and what’s going on in the world of Geekdom. If it means we end up with a thousand like-minded people submitting to the site then so be it – after all we are a syndicate!

While we can’t offer any payment, regular contributors  may have the opportunity of attending screenings, covering conventions and other events, conducting interviews, reviewing the latest cinema and DVD releases, comics, books etc. Take a look at the opportunities below:

General Geek Bloggers – Using various resources at our disposal, research and write  original articles on anything the world of geekdom may be interested in from any medium.

Comics Bloggers – Coverage of the world of comics news, features and possible interviews with creators, especially focusing on the indie scene.

Cosplay Bloggers  – Coverage of cosplay news, interviews and  writing original cosplay features.

TV Bloggers – Coverage of the world of television, features and possible interviews with cast members, creators, producers and more.

Gaming Bloggers – Coverage of the world of video gaming and or table top gaming, features,reviews and possible interviews.

Film  Bloggers  – Coverage of film news,film reviews writing original features as well as possible interviews with talent and crew.

Book Bloggers – Coverage of literary news, writing original features as well as possible interviews with authors and publishers.

If you’d like to contribute to Geek Syndicate in one of these categories, please drop us a line at thegeeks AT geeksyndicate DOT co DOT uk with the name of the job in the subject. Please include any relevant experience and examples, etc., that you feel represents your best work. However don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like this before don’t worry still get in touch with us.


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