Want to Stay Warm this Winter? Let Chewbacca Help!

Star-Wars-Chewbacca-RobeLook at this robe! It’s RUUUUUrhrGUGUGH! Ahem – sorry, I was speaking Wookie. What I mean to say was it’s awesome! If you’ve ever wanted to dress up as the famous Star Wars co-pilot but not wear some giant suit? Then this robe is the thing for you. The hooded furry number is made of 100% polyester and has Chewbacca’s bandoleer stitched on the front and back of the robe. Additionally, it also has a brown pocket on the right side of the robe to look like Chewie’s bag.

Wear it around your house to keep the winter chill away – you can pick up a robe here on Amazon.

Source: Geeks are Sexy
Reporter: Sharlene Mousfar

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