Spider-Man: The Animated Series Team Brings War of the Rocketmen to Indiegogo

I have loved pulps  before I even knew they had a whole genre dedicated to them. Before Raiders of the Lost Ark blew my mind I remember camped out in front of a tiny black and white TV watching reruns of the Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe and Flash Gordon’s Trip to Mars. During that time the one serialthat really grabbed me was King of the Rocketmen.


I still have the vivid images of old bucket head needing to take a running jump to take off, a great fight scene that took place inside a speeding truck filled with explosives and of course all those crazy cliffhangers.  Back in the day I was lucky because they showed an episode an evening because if had been weekly I don’t think my little brain could have coped with the wait.

Fast forward to today and my love of all things pulp is still as strong as ever.  When I heard about an indie gogo project to revive the thrill of the King of the Rocketmen pulp in the form of an animated pilot for a potential animated series called War of the Rocketmen I had to delve deeper.

What if there was a team of Rocket Men battling to save the country from flying, rocket-propelled Nazis during World War Two?  What if there was a secret “War of the Rocketmen?”



War of the Rocketmen has several things going for it but the biggest is the man right at the heart of the project. John Semper Jr was the Emmy nominated Producer and Head Writer for “Spider-Man: The Animated Series”. Now way before all the marvel movies Spider-Man: The Animated Series  showed me just how rich and varied the Marvel universe was. I mean forget your Marvel Cinematic Universe this cartoon had so many Marvel characters stuffed in there it was crazy – Blade, Dr Strange,The Fantastic Four (done right), Captain America, Silver Sable, Black Cat,Daredevil, Kingpin,Nick Fury, Kraven the Hunter and a shed load more. I could go on and on but check out the Wikipedia page to see just how many characters were in that show. It was also the first cartoon series I remember watching that handled things in a serialised way (yes serialised drama kids had all the fun way before you did).


So not only is one of my fave pulp ideals being given new life as pilot or a potential animated series but it’s being handled by the same creative team who bought me one of fave 90’s cartoons – The Amazing Spiderman. I already love the title music for the series and that the concept art has been done by one of my fave artists and all round good egg, Des Taylor.


In case  the previous paragraphs did not make it clear  I’m kinda a little in love with this project. I hope I’ve done my bit to help you fall in love with this project because given the talent involved this could be one hell of a series.

Head over to the indiegogo page to find out about some of the cool perks they have on offer there’s also a sample of the show’s title theme  and a trailer which have already been developed.



In closing I’ll remind you of the pitch from the Semper Jr himself

What if there was a team of Rocket Men battling to save the country from flying, rocket-propelled Nazis during World War Two?  What if there was a secret “War of the Rocketmen?” 

*throws money at computer screen*

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