Warehouse 13 Gets a Web Series “Of Monsters & Men”

Warehouse 13 is premiering tonight on Syfy at 9PM EST and in anticipation of that, they’ve created a series of webisodes called “Of Monsters and Men”.

“Things get two-dimensional in this web series as Pete, Claudia and Artie find themselves trapped in a comic book titled the “City of Ghouls”. As they begin to find a their way out of this pocket dimension, Claudia gets taken away by an evil ghoul and they quickly  discover the capabilities to this dangerous artifact. Watch more to find out if Pete and Artie can save Claudia from these evil ghouls and who else they might run into to help with their mission.”

New episodes of the web series will continue to premiere on syfy.com every day this week culminating in the final webisode next week. Watch a sneak peak of the season here and click behind the cut to check out the webisodes. Enjoy!

Of Monsters & Men – Episode 1 | Of Monsters & Men – Episode 2 | Of Monsters & Men – Episode 3
Of Monsters & Men – Episode 4 | Of Monsters & Men – Episode 5

GS Reporter: Sharlene

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