Warehouse 13’s New Big Bad is a TNG Star

The Syfy series Warehouse 13 is one of my favourite guilty pleasures. It is fun, does not take itself too seriously and the cast are spot on in their quirky roles. Find out who the big bad will be in the new season and why he might look familiar to you: 
Brent Spiner who played Data and Lore is joining for a run of episodes but this time he is the villain! I love Spiner as an actor and hope his bad guy is more than a cartoon villain but I also trust the writers of the show to do him justice. Check out what TV Guide had to say:

TV Guide says Spiner will play the villain on at least 6 episodes of Warehouse 13’s next season. There he’s set to play Brother Adrian, leader of the rather long-named Brotherhood of the Knights of the Black Diamond. Brother Adrian will be the nemesis of the Warehouse team as they try and find a way to recover from the climactic events of last season’s finale. According to the show’s executive producer Jack Kenny…

The Brotherhood is descended from the Knights Templar and connected to the Vatican. It is charged with the protection of many powerful artifacts, one of which Artie desperately needs to make everything right again…The use of this object will unleash an incredible evil and Brother Adrian is not about to see that happen

Source: Giant Freaking Robot, TV Guide
Reporter: Montoya

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