Warner Bros Fast Tracks Man Of Steel 2

mos_glyph_hires With not a grain of Kryptonite in sight, the Big Boy Scout gets a Green Light for a 2nd Outing!

According to various sources, Warner Bros has already given the green light to Man Of Steel 2, with Zack Snyder again directing and David S Goyer again scripting. However, the whispers are that Christopher Nolan, who acted as producer and helped shape the story for the first film, will have a much reduced role on the sequel, owing to his other commitments. And all this just as the first film opens – although with reviews like Montoc’s and high current Rotten Tomatoes ratings, this is the what we need to hear – for very obvious reasons.

‘Til now, the official line from Warner Bros (DC Comics cinematic partner), is that “no success with Man of Steel equals no Justice League of America movie”! Whilst I concede their natural hesitancy following the lack of success of Green Lantern, and the moth-balling of the highly successful Dark Knight franchise, I can’t help feeling that they are missing the point: we need a JLA movie, and dammit it would be successful!

Marvel gave us a slow burn with Avengers Assemble: Iron Man, Captain America and especially Thor were all risks; Hulk had one bad movie under his purple pants and no continuity of actor… but Marvel knew in their hearts that the fans (geeks & novices alike) would flock to see a superhero team movie… and flock in their droves we did.

DC are in actuality, no less likely to have a similar success. The Batman’s appeal is a given, and if they could (geek wet dream here) get Joseph Gordon Levitt to step into Christian Bale’s leather boots, that alone would be worth watching. And judging from the trailers & limited reviews, Henry Cavill looks the part of the Big Boy Scout – the new dark look more in keeping with the world’s mood than Brandon Routh’s brightly coloured attempt to mimic Chris Reeves… if Cavill plays it right, he could make the part his. The Green Lantern wasn’t a bad movie… it wasn’t good great either, but it wasn’t bad, and people did see it – enough to now know the lore behind the character; and Ryan Reynolds has mooted that he would be up for maintaining continuity, albeit with a more serious bent. And Wonder Woman… well, you must have been living under a rock for the past half-century not to know her; arguably the one thing that DC supercede Marvel on is having the world’s most recognizable female super-hero.

So there you are – you’ve established your four leads, which if combined, probably have a broader appeal that the four leads from The Avengers. Throw in The Flash, Martian Manhunter (a bit of an origin story required in the beginning of a JLA movie, I grant you) and an option to include the highly successful on TV (Green) Arrow, and you have a team that every Batman, Superman & Avengers fan would pay money to go and see.

Again, taking the lead from Marvel, you also need to factor in the success of the animated JLA movies and DC character series. The Batman has seen several cartoon incarnations, but Superman and The Green Lantern have very successful animated series and films. And if you’ve seen Justice League Doom, you’ll know that film captured so well the alienation between The Batman & the rest of the core team. Much has been made of the claim that any JLA film should not feature the Batman, as he doesn’t have any super-powers, and therefore doesn’t belong in such a highly charged team. Wrong! What The Batman does bring to the team is his vulnerability – he goes into every mission knowing he can die, because he doesn’t have a magic superpower to bail him out at the eleventh hour. And his resources as billionaire Bruce Wayne allow him to do things that the rest of the team just couldn’t – in the same way as Tony Stark is integral to the Avengers.

So this DC fan is hoping that Warner Bros are now prepared to have a little faith in their DC back catalogue, and plan for a much-anticipated JLA big-screen outing…

Source: The Mary Sue
Reporter: SilverFox

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