Warner Brothers Releases Official Comic-Con Bag Designs

One of the highlights of Comic-Con happens before the convention even starts. In fact, it happens right when you get your badge. ‘Who cares about a giant bag’, you say? Well, if you’re a fan of Arrow, The Big Bang Theory, DC Nation, Fringe, Supernatural, Man of Steel, Pacific Rim or The Vampire Diaries, you’ll care this year as Warner Brothers once more sponsors the official bag of Comic-Con.

If you’re like me, you’ll also be scoping out how to get your hands on your design of choice if you’re not lucky enough to get your first choice from the folks at SDCC.

I covet my Chuck bags from previous years – they’ve been life savers on the exhibition floor and they’re fantastic for carrying laundry after you get back! Read on to see the bags – which one are you hoping to snag?

Details on the bags:

  • Over 130,000 of the oversized 24”x29” bags — which have been called Comic-Con’s “ubiquitous accessory” by Entertainment Weekly and “a must have” by Deadline Hollywood  have been produced and will be provided to Comic-Con attendees as they check in to the convention.
  • The 2012 edition will be a messenger-style bag with shoulder strap and, of course, a poster-protecting pocket.
  • Designed by Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing, the bags feature double-sided artwork. Each will have the all-new Comic-Con 2012 official design on one side, with the other highlighting Warner Bros. titles, including TV series — live-action and animated — from Warner Bros. Television and Warner Bros. Animation, and upcoming theatrical features from Warner Bros. Pictures.

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Source: Warner Brothers
Reporter: Sharlene Mousfar

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    Well I smell a post-con eBay splurge coming up then!

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