Warren Ellis Gets New Weekly Column!

Mr Warren Ellis, the twisted genius behind one of our favourite comic series EVER Transmetropolitan, has a new weekly column: Good Morning Sinners, which is up over at vice.com.

What can we expect from the man himself? VICE say it’ll “look at the news stories of today and turn them into a vision of the future that is nothing less than 99 percent accurate.” Of course it will…and hopefully he’ll talk about his beard a bit too.

The first column up is Print your own penis! A look at how with 3D printing technology in JUST A FEW SHORT YEARS we’ll be able to print ourselves a giant member and use it as a distraction while running around fighting off the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

It seems Ellis is happy to be there…in his own words he said of VICE that it “is one of those places where you go to talk about the world as it is today, goofy and grimy, street shallow and bone deep, and I’m delighted to have been invited in to sleep under an old newspaper by the bins in the corner.”

Warren is an absolute legend in his field and one of the best writers in general around today – so expect his column to be funny, naughty and very, very strange.

So basically make sure you read it every week, preferably while wearing a tin foil hat and PVC pants. Share it with your friends and get ready for the future… Warren Ellis stylie!

Source: Vice
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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