Was Apollo 18 real?

Greetings all

So either this is the first real part of the Apollo 18 (see trailer here) viral campaign or this just got my interest levels up for the film because of some long hidden facts…

There seems to be some conspiracy theory that there was not only an Apollo 18 but also a 19 and 20 as well and that we might have actually found something on the moon. So this all sounds like crazy talk but I just cannot help smiling when I started to look into this. Go to the original article here on movies online and then do some digging of your own and see what you can find.

Have fun folks, I know I did…

SOURCE: Movies Online


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  1. :D /


    • I think I agree! Most people only remember Apollo 13, and there has never been any evidence on the news that those astronauts, where taken by another life form.

  2. blake austin /

    just swa it…wondering how the footage got back to earth if the shuttle was destroyed in the crash at the end of the movie

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