Wasteland Bar Fight Trailer

Would you like to watch something ridiculous? Here comes Wasteland Bar Fight, a brawler that combines fighting and drinking (and puking).


Honestly, the game looks rough. I don’t like the animation all that much, and the design of the characters are very lanky. It’s a free game, so you get what you pay for, right? If it’s fun, I might be able to forgive how it looks.

This is developer Kybernesis’ first game. Wasteland Bar Fight and Corp Wars: The Siege both take place in the Corp Wars universe. If you’d like to learn more about Bar Fight, you can go to their Google Play page, or the official Kybernesis site. The game, so far, is only on Google Play. Kybernesis is developing versions for iOS and Windows Phone, but there’s no date set for those releases.

GS Blogger: VichusSmith

Source: Kybernesis

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