Watchmen the prequel anyone?

Does the world need or even want a prequel to the 12 issue Watchmen comic series that defined an era.

Watchmen is like the Marmite test, either you love it or hate but whatever you think you cannot deny that it is a part of comic history. Not sure how I missed this but it seems that DC are looking to write a 4 part prequel series. I must ask WHY? Bleeding cool has the scoop.

Well, today Bleeding Cool had it confirmed. Not officially of course, don’t be ridiculous. But we’ve been informed quite conclusively from a reliable source at DC Comics that Andy Kubert is drawing one of the four Watchmen prequel miniseries we’ve heard so much about. Taking one of the principle characters from the series and telling a pre-Watchmen tale.

Other people previously named include Darwyn Cooke (as the equivalent of mini-series showrunner), JMS, John Higgins and JG Jones. Oh, and Dave Gibbons.

DC, as ever these days, declined to comment.

Should we be looking forward to this or should we just leave it be. What do you think?

SOURCE: Bleeding Cool

GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. Pytyr /

    I’m interested in this. No reason why anything should be so sacred it can never be touched again and if they do suck they can always be ignored.

    I’d like the Watchmen cast reworked into the styles of other eras, golden age Dr Manhatten, silver age fights with aliens, totally not in continuity of course.

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