Watchmen DVD Mania – Your poor wallet!!

So the Watchman mania continues and Zack Snyder himself is winding us up now with DVD news.  So the movie is out on March the 6th


and this will be followed by 2 other versions

“We’re hoping that, at the time  of the DVD release in July, they release a director’s cut, which is three hours long.  In the fall, they’re going to do the Black Freighter cut, which is all the ins and outs of the Black Freighter, which is the comic book within the comic book. We shot all of those. The final result of that is like a 3-hour, 30-minute/25-minute version of the movie which is everything. It’s the kitchen sink version.

“It’s really three different movies in a lot of way. I think the theatrical versions, which is radically strange in its own way, fits IMAX. I think the director’s cut, which is almost three hours, is pretty most of the stuff that we shot, 99 percent of the stuff that we shot, which I like by the way.”

Snyder said The Black Freighter material that will be incorporated is “just crazy” and will include all the material with the news vendor.

Apparently the directors cut is going to be more violent and more sexy.  So here’s the question are you gonna get the Director’s cut, it sounds like one of those deals where the extra stuff in the DVD almost makes it a different movie. But then you could wait for the Black Freighter Cut in the Autumn  but will that make the Tales of the Black Freighter DVD you bought redundant.  It’s almost as bad as working out wether your going to buy a comic, a trade, a hardcover, the omnibus or the absolute edition.
Anyway if thats not enough DVD mania for you the Wathmen Motion Coimic is availablevery soon.dvd-motion-comic-small No need to dust of the trade on your shelves or fetch the comics from the comic box in the attic, simply chuck this on the video and you can watch the actual comic, a digital version with limited motion, voice and sound Its really cool actually and the guy who does the voices is pretty good  …..except when he does the womens voices.

And those lovely folk at Warner Bros have thrown in a $7.50 (so I’m guessing you can’t get this in the UK) Movie Cash voucher towards seeing it on the big screen and a preview of the upcoming Wonder Woman animation.  And what’s more if you get it on Blu-Ray you get to see the entire “prison break” scene 3 days before the movie hits the big screen.

So rush out today or pick up the phone and open a special Watchmen DVD savings account – your gonna need it.

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