Water Closer Press Calling for Submissions!

Ever been interested in making comics? Wondered how to get into them but just couldn’t  find a writer or an artist to work with? Well the Water Closet Press might just have given you the chance to get your foot in the door.

Water Closet Press have been publishing Ladies and Gentlemen and with Issue 3 they are planning on doing something slightly different – they want YOU to come up with stories for their characters to create an anthology! Here are the rules:

We want this project to be as open as possible so we won’t limit you with too many rules. Having said that…1) The Gent. He never speaks or is seen without his mask. Ever.

That’s basically it. We would also ask if you’re thinking of submitting that you respect our characters and don’t dramatically kill them or maim them or give them insane back stories that will be impossible to work into future plots. Just be sensible.
Other than that, it’s your toy to play with. Use any of our existing characters as a springboard for your own imagination, or feel free to ignore them and/or invent new ones to interact with and explore the world of The Gentry. If you already have your own comic project, why not do a cross-over? It doesn’t have to be an adventure story… even if it’s a whimsical look at a day in the life of The Moth’s hat, we’re looking for variety and innovation. Any style and theme will be accepted. We don’t want to see imitations of our work, we’d rather see yours.
Here at Water Closet Press, one of our favourite things about serialised comics is the process of collective storytelling. The idea that stories are immutable and sacred scripture carved into stone is an illusion. Narratives change over time, growing and transforming with each manifestation. They are made alive in the hands of others.
This folkloric potential is one of the most appealing aspects of hero-genre comics in particular, and it’s something we would like to reflect in Ladies & Gentlemen… but we can’t do it by ourselves. We want to put it in your hands, have you participate in its telling.
If you have an idea for a story or artwork you’d like to do (or anything else up your sleeve), simply e-mail us at [email protected] and we’ll go from there. Want to contribute but haven’t read Ladies & Gentlemen? Fear not! Issue 1 can be read in full online, and we have several other short stories you can browse to familiarize yourself.We are aiming to release the book at the London MCM Expo. We had fantastic results launching there last year and met a great bunch of people. Since the date for the convention itself hasn’t been announced yet, we are going to say that the absolute deadline for completed submissions is the 1st of October 2013. We’re hoping that this will give people enough time to work at their own pace and produce something they are proud of.

That’s a good question.  Unfortunately we are not able to pay for entries at this time, however…1) Your work gets printed in a high quality UK comics publication.
2) You will receive the number of issues equal to the number of pages submitted.
3) As a contributor you will also be able to buy copies at print cost (which should be significantly lower than retail price), sell these at your own leisure and retain the profits.
4) Finally, you’ll be getting fantastic exposure at the conventions we attend and through our social media/blogging, and vice versa.  Small Press cross-pollination!

To me this is a great start for anyone who wants to get into comics as well as a great opportunity for anyone wanting to get their name out there. To find out more go to their website.
Source: Water Closet Press
Reporter: Luke Halsall

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