Ways you can Help the Fallen Heroes Comic Rise!

With the first issue of the comic adaptation of my novel Fallen Heroes close to launch at next year’s Cardiff International Comic Convention I thought I would give people and fans of the book some thoughts on how they can support the ongoing project.

If you have a Comic,Podcast,website etc you want to publicize then please consider buying a small banner ad in the first issue of the Fallen Heroes comic. We have put aside a page to allow space for ten ad banners.


The plan is to release the comic in five issues then package them all together for one big release at the end with a load of extras. Of course all of this is going to depend on cash unfortunately. So if you don’t have anything you want to pimp and still want to support the project I’ve now added a paypal donate button to the main page on the comics website.


Any donations that come in will go towards either printing the issues or the eventual collection.

Of course one the best ways to help is to pick up your copy when it come out in Feb 2011.

Cheers all!

Barry Nugent

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