WEB CINEMA: A Guy, a Girl and Their Monster – Episode 1: Bacon

What happens when A guy , a girl and their monster shack up in New York? Jenn Daugherty and her team answer that question in this live action puppet comedy called, A Guy, a Girl, and Their Monster.

Henry is a monster, of the under the bed variety. Down on his luck he searches out the little girl he belonged to in the ’80s. He finds her in Los Angeles living with her fiancé and they take him in and the trio learns to live together in the big city.

This is short first episode but one thing it does is sum up perfectly is my own personal obsession with bacon and the last line is something I have uttered many a time. To be fair usually when I’m saying the line I’m waving a fork angrily in someone’s direction. What can I say I love bacon!

Looking forward to seeing where this fun little web series goes as it’s off to a nice start. Really liked the look and the voice of the monster as kinda reminded me of a much friendlier version of Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street. A distant relative perhaps?

Reporter: Nuge

Source: youtube


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