Journey into the Surreal, Crazy and Fun World of Versus Valerie

valerielapommeI’m always on the look out for some more geek inspired entertainment and while on my youtube Safari I stumbled across Versus Valerie.

VERSUS VALERIE follows Valerie Lapomme, YouTube’s Sexy Nerd Girl, as she navigates her chaotic life, sliding between reality and her video-game and genre-be

This web series is currently in its first season and there are five episodes out at the moment, each one between 10 -15 mintues. I watched the first episode, which was inspired by BBC’s Sherlock and handles it well. Not all the humour is laugh out loud funny but it  hits the mark more often than not and their are some great geeky nods. It’s clear the cast had a lot of fun making these videos and they clearly love and know their geekdom. Valerie has a kind of Felica Day quality to a her, which being very much her own person, so fans of the Guild may want to give this a look see. I can also see some elements of Spaced in there as well.  One of the later videos (episode 3 – Cyborgs Versus Valerie) has a Star Trek homage to it including great uses of the Borg and the good old expendable red shirts. Another episode tackles a certain timelord we all know. But anyway don’t just take my word for it watch the videos and see for yourself. New episodes come out every 2nd Thursday.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Versus Valerie

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