Web Cinema – Sherlock Vs Sherlock

Check out this intriguing Sherlock mash up using scenes from the recent series. Thanks to Hedvig Ulrich for giving us the heads up with this and who created the video.

London, 21th century: For reasons unknown, private investigator and detective Sherlock Holmes breaks into his own flat and ends up being inches from being murdered by himself several times. Maybe it’s just a coincidence or plain error in time and space… or it’s just the editor having some fun. Holmes finds out the hard way that his own behavior isn’t very charming always.

GS Reporter: Nuge

This is a video Mashup containing the three episodes from the first season.
The songs used are: Salty dog (Flogging Molly) The tears of a clown (Smokey Robinson) and Won’t Get fooled again (The Who).

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