WEB CINEMA -The Appraisal

appraisalCheck out this cracking little short  called ‘The Appraisal’  which was written and directed by James Peaty. Cinematography by Clive Tagg. Sound and music by Rennie Pilgrem. It stars David Knox-Williams, Christopher Sciueref and Heather Darcy.

This little noir film evoked memories of the ‘I know where you keep your gun’ intro in Casino Royale (well part from the guy kicked his ass kick in the toilets) with Bond facing down a corrupt MI6 Official.  Now I enjoyed the short and wanted to see more but what is even more impressive that this low budget thriller was shot on two iPhone 4S’s on a budget of £30. It just got to show you that if you have great idea for a project the only barrier to doing it is yourself and how inventive you can be to achieve your ends.

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