Web Cinema – The Ten Doctors – Dr Who Fans Rejoice

I came across this just last week and as an old school and new who fan, it blew my proverbial socks off.  This is an absolute triumph of a fan video  and the work that goes into must have been monumental. Stuart Humphryes, a civil servant from South London has made the video we all want to see.  Going by the name of BabelColour he has given us a Dr Who adventure with 10 Dr’s and it is mighty.  We have 10 Dr’s, 10 Tardis, Daleks, Cybermen, Raston warrior robots, Sontarons and UNIT.

Part 1

Part 2

and if you thought that was good then the last few minutes of part 3 will have you cheering and saluting.

Part 3

I cannot wait to check out part 4 of this series.  In the meantime you can go BabelColour’s youtube channel – here – He has a multitude of Dr Who video creations worth watching

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