WEB CINEMA:32 Year Old Jeremiah McDonald Has A Conversation With His 12 Year Old Self

Don’t you ever wish you could to the 12 year old version of yourself?

You’ll often find me saying lines like ‘The 11 year old me would have loved this?” but would he really? and what would he think of me today and stuff I read, watch etc. How annoyed would he be that I never went on to write that Mighty Boy novel after all the short stories he wrote during his lessons or that I never became a cartoonist.

Well Jeremiah McDonald has gone one step further and has put together a video of him having a conversation with the 12 year old version of himself. It one of the best things I’ve seen on the net in a while especially watch for when the 12 year old Jeremiah  asked his older version if he still draws.

Brilliantly creative stuff…this is what geekdom is all about. It reminds us to stop and listen to that kid insides us once in a while and never give up doing the things we love even when the universe conspires to stop us from doing it…find a way.

Source:http://tellmetodrawsomething.tumblr.com/ , youtube
GS Reporter:Nuge

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