WEB COMIC REVIEW: Boston Metaphysical Society – Issue 1

Boston001covermockupv4AThe tagline of  the Boston Metaphysical Society webcomic reads ‘Before Mulder met Scully, there was Hunter and O’Sullivan’  but is this  web comic as good as the first series of X files or as dire as its  final season?

My original plan was to read a few pages of the Boston Metaphysical Society on my lunch break and save the rest for later in the week but its to the comic’s credit that I found my self whizzing through the entire first chapter before I knew what had happened.

The web comic revolves around the adventures of Pinkerton detective Samuel Hunter and his new assistant Caitlin O’Sullivan, who is a spirit photographer and medium. I won’t give away the details of how Catlin comes onto Hunter’s radar in this first issue as doing so would be a bit of a spoiler  As this is the first issue/chapter most of the comic is given over to the world building and set up. Even though we are given a fair bit of information I was still left with questions that I hope will be expanded upon as the story continues through its six issue arc. There is an X-files vibe to the first issue but, unlike our friendly neighborhood FBI agents, neither Hunter or Sullivan play the role of reluctant skeptic. In the world of BMS it seems just about everyone believes in the supernatural which is no bad thing as I do sometimes get a little frustrated with the believer/non believer team ups that we have had in the past. Reading through this first issue you can also see  the influences, unintentional or not of Ghostbusters and even Torchwood, well those episodes which flashed back to the early days of the organisation, at least.

There’s a lot to like about this world that writer Madeleine Holly-Rosing has created. I’m sucker for famous  figures from history popping up in stuff like this and this comic give us a secret cabal consisting of some of histories greatest thinkers who have their own interests in Hunter’s and O’Sullivan’s  work. We don’t see too much of them in issue one but you can tell they are only just getting warmed up.

The art by Emily Hu,Gloria Caeli and Fahriza Kamaputra  is solid, bright, easy to follow with some nice expressions on the faces. There were a few times when I did feel some of the action scenes could have been more dynamic. I’ll be interested to see how the art handles the ramping up of the action which given the hints is sure to happen as the comic progresses.

The situation that Hunter and  O’Sullivan are called in to investigate is resolved  a little too quickly for me  but  I could tell this was just a platform to introduce Catlin to Hunter’s world so it didn’t bother me too much.  I do hope that further investigations are spread out a little more over the course of an issue now that some of the main world building is out of the way.

With so many Supernatural stories out there in TV, film and comics the Boston Metaphysical Society may not necessarily offer anything new at the moment but the story is engaging enough and  left me wanting to know more about the world and its inhabitants and really isn’t that the job of a first issue?

As a side note for those of you like with a passion for worlds expanded through other mediums. Madeleine has also written some BMS short stories which are available on the website and Amazon that expands the world even more. I’ve not had a chance to read any yet but as the first one is only 39 pages I reckon I will be putting it onto my Kindle.

Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewer: Nuge



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