WEB SERIES REVIEW: Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome

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Geek Syndicate checks out Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, a 90 minute pilot episode that was broken down into a nine episode mini web series released in six parts on Machinima Prime.

It follows young pilot Ensign William Adama (played by Luke Pasqualino – Skins UK) just out of the pilot academy and follows him going on his first mission aboard Battlestar Galactica – and what a mission it is.

Set during the first Cylon War when things are not going too well and the show starts with a very brief introduction of how the war started (following on from Caprica). As soon as the introduction is over you are thrown straight into an epic space battle which instantly reminded me of how good the first season of the re-booted Battlestar Galactica was. It also gives you a nice understanding of how kick ass a pilot Adama is as he takes on some Cylon fighters in a heated space battle. It shows a very cocky raw young pilot but undoubtably someone who is going places and someone you’d want to have as your wingman in battle.

As soon as he boards the very pretty un-battle scared Battlestar Galactica he is knocked down a peg or two and instead of being given the Viper he desires he is assigned to the Weasel, a battle scarred Raptor which he is less than impressed by. This is where we are introduced to his co-pilot Coker Fasjovik (Ben Cotton) who is just a few weeks away from finishing his tour of duty and just wants an easy time until its his time to go home.

Onto the mission; for all intents and purposes the mission (as they always are) seems to be a straight forward, a boring delivery run to take a passenger; Dr Becca Kelly (Lili Bordán) and transport her to another ship in an unremarkable area of space and return back to Galactica, which makes Coker rather happy – obviously this does not go as smoothly as it should and you are taken on a roller-coaster ride from this point onwards. I don’t want to give anymore away as I highly recommend that you watch this pilot for yourself.

To be honest, when I first sat down in front of my computer to watch the first episode I was more than a little concerned as to what this would be like – I had been greatly disappointed by Razor, and after Caprica I held out little hope that a further attempt at this franchise would be any good. But I have to say that I think, and hope this may have saved the franchise, when I finished watching the first episode I couldn’t wait for the week to pass until they released the next part.

Don’t get me wrong the production isn’t perfect and there are times when you can clearly see the use of virtual sets (but still better than Sanctuary’s poor attempts at this). This however is a minor gripe and the story more than makes up for any obvious green screen moments, which I’m sure could be ironed out if this is commissioned into a full series with more time and money they would be able to put towards the effects.

The good news is that you can now click on the link below and watch the whole pilot episode in one sitting without having to wait for the next installments: HERE

The full showing of the pilot is due to air on TV channel Syfy in February 2013 – however, confirmation that this is also a UK airing date has been a little more difficult to confirm; I for one am looking forward to watching it again and hope this is commissioned for a full series to give it a proper chance.

With over 2.6 million online views of the first episode already (whilst writing) there may be hope yet. It’s about time we had some good SciFi with space battles back on our TV screens. You can also pre-order the pilot episode on an unrated, uncut Blu-Ray and DVD which is believed to include deleted and extended scenes and should also be release in February 2013 (Amazon UK currently do not have a release date – HERE. Writing credits include Michael Taylor, David Eick, Bradley Thompson and David Weddle and directed by Jonas Pate.



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