WEB SERIES UPDATE: Sweethearts of the Galaxy Returns 08/01/14

Web series Sweethearts of the Galaxy returns to YouTube January 8th 2014. Katelyn is back as Trinity Infinity along with her sidekick, Element 47 to take on their arch nemesis, The Wretched…

After a nasty fall while trying to fly at a convention she was cosplaying at, Katelyn regains consciousness and believes that she really is Trinity Infinity. In an attempt to bring her back to reality, her friends recreate scenes from the Sweethearts of the Galaxy comic book, dressing and acting like they too are from the franchise.




Cosplayers Kit Quinn and Tallest Silver play the main roles in Sweethearts of the Galaxy. It is directed and edited by Dexter Adriano and written by Michael Premsrirat. You can catch up with the series so far by heading over to the Galactic Sweethearts YouTube channel.

I think the series so far is great! It’s a nice angle to look at cosplay from and mixes it with the fictitious fighting crime comic book element really well.

When we last saw Trinity Infinity, she had just met The Wretched, her evil enemy. Make sure you catch episode four this Wednesday, where Trinity Infinity is forced to become Katelyn again and go back to her job as a waitress. As you can imagine, it doesn’t go well… Watch the preview here!

Source: Sweethearts of the Galaxy 
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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