Welcome to Harran: Dying Light First Impressions

Dying Light is set in the fictional city of Harran – a city where a mutated form of rabies has taken hold of the populace and turned the majority into zombie-like creatures. Into the quarantined city comes Kyle Crane – a special agent of the Global Relief Effort. His mission is to prevent a further catastrpohe from occuring.

A month later than planned, the physical copies of the game shipped and it was time to step into Crane’s shoes and see how we fared against the zombie horde.

You can check out our other videos over on our YouTube channel. For now, here’s The Next Level co-host Ant (that’s me) on his first few hours in the zombie infested city.

I’ve played a couple more hours now, not rushing through the story (I’m about 12 % through the main plot) and my impressions remain very positive. The switch in gameplay from day to night has never been as dramatic as that first instance of it (fortunately for my heart!) but night definitely becomes a time for caution.

Although I have upgraded Kyle somewhat, the game still seems well balanced. Even with a skill that reduces the wear and tear on weaponry balancing items is a necessary strategy and the gradual introduction of new types of zombie and indeed of antagonistic survivors helps keep things somewhat fresh.

One point I didn’t mention is that I find the control system slightly counter-intuitive. I’m so used to using the “A” button (Xbox controller) to jump, vault etc. in video games that the switch to the right bumper still throws me off at times. Holding A acts as an “item radar” (similar to that in Dragon Age: Inquisition) and there’s nothing more frustrating than spotting a pack of coffee and dropping to a zombie-filled street rather than leaping from rooftop to rooftop like a zombie-avoiding lemur.

Dying Light is a fantastic realisation of the tired Zombie genre and one that is definitely worth a look. I was not sure about the game, before I bought it – unsure whether to or not. I’m glad I did. I think you will be too.

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