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Sometimes it’s better to just do a thing than to just sit around thinking about it. For a while now I’ve been seeing a big resurgence of all things Pulp both here in the UK and abroad. In fact so much is going on that movement now has a name ‘New Pulp’ and a definition.

It is time to define New Pulp as its own entity.  Not separate from Pulp as a whole, but as something defined within the genre.  What is New Pulp?  Well, as far as my definition goes, the explanation is fairly simple.  New Pulp is fiction written with the same sensibilities, linear storytelling, pattern of conflict, and creative use of words and phrases of original Pulp, but crafted by modern writers, artists, and publishers.  New stories with either completely original characters or new tales of established characters from Pulp past.   It’s really that simple.  New Pulp is Pulp written today. – New Pulp Fiction

It’s been talked about in some corners of the UK press.

At the moment I’m flying solo and blind with this idea. I have no idea how often I’ll do it – daily, weekly or monthly right know I don’t know. What I do know is that the world of pulp is something I’ve been passionate about since I was 11 years old, it led me to become writer and to seek out these tales of adventure and daring do wherever I can find them and now I want to return the favor.

So where do you guys come in? Well if you are working on a new pulp project (comic, book, web series, TV etc) then drop me a line at [email protected] and let me know about it and I’ll see about placing it within the hallowed halls of Fortress of Pulpitude.

If you want to contribute a news piece or feature to the Fortress of Pulpitude then again get in contact with me at the above address. Also if anyone out there what’s to do a fitting pulp style logo for this feature then again get in touch.

So today and I’m going to start small and just throw out some links to some of the sites/people out that are dedicated to getting the word out about new pulp and what’s happening in the scene. Some of these links I’ve being following for a while and others are new to me but hopefully they are all full of pulp goodness. Please send in your links to place you go for pulp news  and pulp titles you pick up.

Angry Robot – This UK-based publishing house are set to bring out some great pulp title,s several of which we’ve reviewed here. I’ve personally read The Great Game by Lavie Tidhar  the third in his Book Histories series of books and loved every line of it.  I’m half way though listening to the audio version of ‘The Bookman’  and really enjoying that as well.

Abaddon Books – Another UK-based publisher. Look out for the Pax Britannia series of books.

New Pulp Fiction – A great site who have been championing New Pulp long before I had heard the term. lost of information, news and reviews on the site. Serioulsy it’s a great place to get a fix of New Pulp news.

All Pulp – Another cool pulp news site.

The Pulp Heroes – A facebook group where I stop by occasionally. A fun bunch and very welcoming to new members and pulp fans. There’s always loads of posts about what people have in the pipeline or out now.

Pulp Cosmic – Another news site which just started up recently and focusing on pulp.

Indycast – If it wasn’t for Indiana Jones I would never have got into pulps in the first place. If you a fan of the man in the hat then this podcast is a great listen

Pulped! – PULPED! is a Podcast dedicated to the creators and fans of New Pulp! New Pulp, heroic fiction by modern artists written with the sensibility and in the tradition of the Pulp genre! Pulp creators Barry Reese, Derrick Ferguson, Ron Fortier, and Tommy Hancock are the helmsen of this venture and will bring New Pulp discussion, guests, debates, news, and even New Pulp’s very own spokesperson, The Pulptress, to PULPED! each week! If you like your fiction heroic, if you seek adventure and action in every word you read, then come on in, take a seat, and get PULPED! PULPED! will post each Monday!

Pro Se Productions a leading Publisher in the New Pulp Movement. This name is one I keeping seeing on my travels around the new pulp universe. I haven’t picked up anything from them yet but I plan to.

Pulp Sunday– a blog run by artist Franchesco Francavilla, who puts up his pulp illustrations every Sunday for all to see.

I think that will do for a start but feel free to send me more links and I’ll keep adding to this list.  To end this first post I wanted stick up images of covers 1 and 2  from Half Past Danger by Stephen Mooney which looks bloody fantastic!

See you next time Pulp fiends and get in touch if you want your new pulp stuff featured or want to help out with the column.

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