The Megabook: 212 Pages of Creator Owned Projects – FREE!

Fancy checking out a new indie comic anthology which is over 200 pages and won’t cost you a penny? Then read on!

The BIGGEST totally FREE anthology in the internet! 212 PAGES!!! 12 different publishers and tons of creator owned projects. Discover amazing stories and incredible talent all in one humungous book! You NEED MEGABOOK! Your Friends NEED MEGABOOK! Tell everyone you know that MEGABOOK is HERE, and it is FREE!!!! It is HUGE, it’s MASSIVE and it is AWESOME! WARNING: Downloading MEGABOOK may cause your electronic device to suddenly become EXTREMELY HEAVY. Please use CAUTION and seek help when lifting!

It’s a very clever and brave idea that is being piloted by CE Publishing with the Megabook.  Of course like the majority of anthologies there will be some stories that won’t work for everyone but with such a wealth of content that covers a board spectrum of genres and showcasing very different art styles there should be something here for everyone to enjoy. Also let’s not forget that you can pick up the Megabook for free from graphicly so it’s not as though checking out the comic is going to leave you out of pocket is it?

You can check out the Megabook here

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source: CE Publishing

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